About Us

We are a local business in McKinney, Texas, serving only the freshest and highest quality sushi alongside our hand-cut USDA Choice Angus steaks.


Our Talented Staff

Chef-Owner Chien (Jack) with over 27 years of experience and who previously owned "Kiraku Japanese Restaurant" in Houston, Texas. He tries his best to provide a customized experience for every customer and treats them like his own family.

Head Sushi Chef Kitamura was previously the head chef of Jinbei Japanese Restaurant and has over 42 years of experience working in Japan, Hawaii and New York. Kitamura-san focuses heavily on ensuring the quality and standards of our sushi are of the highest order. For this reason, he can be seen as more shy during service.

Head Kitchen Chef James is an upcoming young chef that is passionate about food. He ensures every dish leaving the kitchen is to our high standard.