Striving each day to provide top notch food and service


Quality Food

Whether you order from the sushi bar or the kitchen, the standard of food is always the same: Excellent


Quaint Ambience

A warm, peaceful environment just like home for spending quality time with your loved ones


Quick Service

Experience world class service from our wonderful, attentive and detail-orientated head waitress of 25 years, Sara.

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What Others Are Saying

Jack M

"The food was absolutely great and generous portions. Great selection from the bar, including great unfiltered Sake. A must try for Stonebridge residences. This particular chef is definitely an upgrade from the last and apparently came from Showgun's on 75, another great sushi restaurant. We eat at one or the other at least once a week since coming to Mckinney a long time ago. They are enough different that you get a great variety that the other does not serve."

Susan M

"This place is unlike any sushi restaurant Ive been to. It honestly is zen-ful from the decor, service and ambience. I felt like I was at a spa eating sushi. The rolls we got were the Samurai and the volcano roll. The volcano roll was special there were fried crawfish on top and the crunchy things. Defy get that! But we loved both rolls. We also had the steak teriyaki hibachi, beef fried rice, pork Katsu, all were very solid!! The hibachi unlike other places, was cooked on a grill and not a pan. You can taste it! Will come here again!"

Spencer W

“At the moment you step in this restaurant team give you a comfortable feeling. Very comfortable hosts, it is a nice restaurant to hang out with your friends or with your date. delightful food, professional chief cook and stuff, good price and generous service. Warmly recommended.”

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